Top Tips for Writing an Awesome CV

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

When applying for jobs, the first thing the recruiting company will look at is your CV. Your whole application and whether you will be taken further forward in the process will be judged on the quality of your CV, so it is really important to ensure you have all the correct features included, to showcase your skills.


Read on for our top tips for creating an awesome CV….


  1. Always make your contact details clear and easy to see - If a recruiter likes the look of your skills and experience, they will want to contact you to discuss taking your application further! You may be missing out on your next big opportunity if your name, phone number and email address are not displayed clearly.


  2. Summary – You wouldn’t pick up and read a book or watch a film without reading the little summary on the back. A small summary section at the top of your CV is a chance to really grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more about you and your skillset. Including why you feel you would suit the role advertised can also warm them to your CV.


  3. Employment History – Highlight the tasks and responsibilities carried out in your previous roles, particularly where they could relate to the roles in the job you are applying for. A recruiter will be keen to see the types of company you have worked for, what positions you have held and how that would benefit them and their organisation.


  4. Education and Qualifications – Talk about skills or knowledge you have developed through education, whether you’ve been to university or any other qualifications you may have. This could include anything from a Forklift Licence to whether you are CIPD qualified. A commitment to achieving is highly liked by those who are recruiting.


  5. Experience and Volunteering – If you are new to the job market, or have limited work experience, stating any volunteering schemes or school clubs you have been involved with can highlight skills you may have gained.


  6. Spelling and Punctuation – When you’re trying to make a good impression on a potential employer, it is so important to have correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. You may be representing their company in the future, so they will want to see you are an efficient and accurate user of the written language. Have someone triple check for you if you’re not sure!


  7. Be Honest! – Honesty is always the best policy. If you lie or ‘bend the truth’ in your CV, it’s almost certain that you will be eventually found out in interview, or if you begin the job. An employer will respect if you say you are not confident with a certain aspect of the role, especially if you add that you would be very keen to develop in that area.


So there are our top tips for writing an awesome CV. By following these vital points, your CV is much more likely to be at the top of the pile, setting you on your way towards that new career. Good luck!